Sunday, February 15, 2009

We Heart Our Kids

There are signs all over our neighborhood that say this, of course with a drawn heart rather than the actual word, compelling people to slow down as they drive through the neighborhood. Most of the time, Jon and I joke about them, but I was thinking about them this morning as I 'slowed down' to reflect on our Valentine's Day for this entry.

Friday night, Granny and Granddad watched the boys so we could go out for the evening. We went out for sushi - just the two of us - and stopped by our fave local watering-hole for a drink with friends. It was a great night! Thanks Granny and Granddad!

On Saturday, I got up with the boys in the morning by myself because all Jon wanted for his gift was to sleep in. He's been such a trooper taking care of us all while I've been sick/injured this week. It was nice for me to get some solo time with the kids after spending so much time away from this week because I was either ill or working. I fed the boys and then we all settled in for some play-time on the floor. It was so much fun! By the time Jon got up, I had the boys down for their morning nap.

Jon went out and came home with Reese's Hearts for me (YUM) from the boys - they so know their mom, and a giftcard for a massage and hot stone mani/pedi for me from him. I gave him his card from me and his card from the boys (which almost made him cry - aww). The boys told him he was the best dad they have ever had - my kids are smart asses...

When the boys got up, we went out and about for haircuts and a walk around the mall. We came home and the boys napped again and then got up to find their Valentine's gifts from mommy and daddy - big boy dishes and (drumroll please!) CEREAL!

Bon got on a little faster than Brew, but both did GREAT! Bon ate ALL of his cereal.

Pictures of Bonham, the cereal champ!

Brewer loved his cereal, too...

Can I just tell all the people who said, 'Oh, they'll sleep longer when you give them cereal.' that you are SOOO wrong. For the first time in a VERY long time, both of my kids woke up in the middle of the night and demanded a full bottle. It's like the cereal addition made them realize how much more full they could be and now they are chasing that rice cereal (heroin) high...

After cereal and a bottle, the boys went down for the night and Jon and I enjoyed some quiet time at home before we went off to bed - all in all, it was a very nice family day.

I'll be posting again later with my Miracle Day and Super Sunday entries, but before I can do that, we have a full day to get through! Happy Belated Valentine's Day, everyone.


Sean Patrick and Emma Jane said...

Ah yes - it is an old wives' tale that they will sleep longer! It certainly didn't make Sean sleep any longer when he started cereal!

They are such beautiful boys - I love looking at pics of them!

Tracy said...

Yeah, cereal didn't help ours sleep longer, either...but age has. :) We're finally getting 7 hours at a stretch. Yay!

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