Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Boys Rule!

I found out today that the amount of boys in the kids' class at school drastically outnumber the amount of girls! Only 2 girls and all the rest are boys!

It's funny because when our niece was little, it was the other way around...My mother-in-law told me about how the only boy in that class used to insist on having his hair put up in ponytails just like the girls when the daycare workers would put up the little girls' hair....It makes me wonder what kind of tomboys these two little girls will turn out to be after spending so much time with all these little dudes.

Today was day two at work and so far, so good! It's a challenge, but I am enjoying being back. I wake the boys up and feed them and get them ready every morning and I like the quiet time I get with them before Jon gets up and I take them to school. I LOVE seeing their smiling faces when I get home in the evening.

Our nighttime routine is taking shape as well. We fed the boys together and I read 'Sweet Dreams' to them. Jon has turned the lights down low and put them in their pj's. He is swaddling them and putting them into their cribs now and I can hear him talking to them in the other room while he gets them ready for bed. He says such funny things to them and I can hear the pure joy in his voice. I know that he loves these boys with everything that's in him.

'Night-night' time is daddy's time. I love watching Jon with them. I think this is my favorite time of day.

Good night and Sweet Dreams!

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The Browns said...

What a sweet entry. Glad all is well! Love and Kisses from Aunt Stace and the Pie..

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