Sunday, February 8, 2009

Super Sunday, Super Stuff

"I am stuck on Band-Aids, 'cuz Band Aid sticks on me!"

Welcome to an abbreviated version of 'SSSS', as I am typing with 9 fingers...I just got back from the emergency room where I got my left index finger stitched up...what happened? Well, I like what Jon said...

"It's not the size of the knife you bring to the fight, it's the size of the fight in the bag of frozen peas."

I learned my lesson. Next time I will put the bread knife down and look for the scissors. It only cost me 3 stitches, $100 and 2 hours of my life to learn this.

That said, I'm not REALLY just plugging band-aids tonight.

I decided that tonight would be a personal thank you to the inventors of two wonderful devices - the Kiddopatumus 'SwaddleMe' and 'The Ultimate Cribsheet'

The 'SwaddleMe' is lovingly referred to around here as the baby straight-jacket. Above is a picture of my kids, feeling the SwaddleMe love. If you are a fan of swaddling, and especially if you are an MoM fan of swaddling, these things can't be beat. We probably aren't too far away from outgrowing them, but they have been a lifesaver for us in helping the boys to sleep more soundly. If your own kids are too big for these, give them as shower gifts - they are $9.99 and are available on or at Babies R Us.

The Ultimate Cribsheet (UC to those of us with 9 digits from here on out) most recently saved us today from a 2nd full-on cribsheet change in as many hours when Brewer spit up just as he was being put down for a nap. These little wonders go over your fitted sheet and have little snaps that wrap around the crib's slats. They are a sheet/cover with a waterproof bottom liner, so if your little one spits up, drools or has an accident, you can just change out the UC with the work of a few snaps instead of dismantling the entire crib. They are a little pricy - $19.99 - but totally worth having one or two on-hand to enable you to space those 'time to strip the bed' days out a little further. Available at Babies R Us.

I won't disclose the retailer who I swiped this UC picture made me laugh because putting your baby in the crib with a half-undone UC is probably the LAST thing you should do, but hopefully this was a stunt-baby or something. I looked for the caption that said "no babies were actually injured in the shooting of this photograph"...but I couldn't find it. (wink) Anyhow, I thought the picture would give you an idea of what to look for in the store. Please remember to always FULLY install your Ultimate Cribsheet.

So, what I want to know is if anyone tried the Hyland's tablets since last Sunday, and what you thought about them....comments please!

Jon is watching the Grammy's right now and saying some pretty hilarious stuff. Maybe I can get him to be the guest-blogger tomorrow and give a Grammy review while my finger heals...

Happy Sunday! Until next time...


Tracy said...

Bummer about your finger...sounds like something I would do!

Our favorite is the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle. My kids busted out of the SwaddleMe. AND, they are available in sizes up to 18 pounds. They are more expensive, but we LOVED ours, and so did Evan. :)

MommaHolmes07 said...

I am right there with you with the Swaddle Me (then graduated to the Sleepsack also like Tracy). The UC is the best. I just stopped using it for Collin about a month tired of looking at the white on the sheet.

chellekay said...

sorry to hear about your finger!

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