Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday, Super Stuff.

I've been noticing now that I am out here in Blogland more that alot of people have themes for their post for certain days of the week.

Well, I was inspired by the happy resolution of Brewer's first teething fit and by Superbowl XLIII to start my own. Sundays will henceforth be the days for Super Stuff on this blog...I'll post about a great product (or two) that made my day, products I can't live without, wish I had, etc., etc. I am no Oprah, of course, but it'll kinda be my own version of "Favorite Things".

I may also use it to shamelessly plug the products of people I know personally on occasion - only if they have GREAT products of course!

So, without further ado, our first 'Super Sunday Super Stuff' product is....

Hyland's Teething Tablests.

These TOTALLY saved us last night.

My sister first recommended these to me before my kids were even born and I must say they are every bit as fantastic as she says.

Up until we finally tried the teething tablets, Brewer had cried for hours, only calming down (somewhat) during his feedings. I gave him two of these tablets and within 20 minutes he had calmed back down to his usual pleasant self and shortly thereafter he went down for the rest of the night and woke up in a great mood this morning!

Jon used a couple on him again this afternoon when he was having some obvious teething issues. I'm not knocking any other teething products or methods of soothing, but I will say these tablets work great for us when the standard teethers and cold washcloths aren't making the grade!

They are available at CVS or Walgreen's if you want to go bricks & mortar, or you can find them online at Amazon -

or on other websites like

Please let me know if you like the 'Super Sunday' concept so I'll know if I should keep it up.

On another note, the Superbowl was a great game this year. I was cheering for the Cardinals, but it was a fantastic game nonetheless.

As for the commercials, the Etrade kids were my favorite. Here's a link in case you missed it.... .

Well, I have to get going. Tomorrow is my first day back at work. I'll update tomorrow night to let everyone know how it went! Have a great night!


The Myers Family said...

LOVE the super sunday idea..LOVE those teething tablets TOO!

Melissa said...

Thanks for posting about the tablets. The boys have lots of teething pain spells and I have only used the Orajel which doesn't seem to do much. I wasn't sure about these but now I'm going to have to try them out.

The Browns said...

I told you they're magic pills!! I love the Super Sunday idea, and hope your first day back went smoothly. I'll call you later. =)

Lily55 said...

My husband calls these "baby crack"- not only does William LOVE them, but it calms him down quickly!

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