Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mommy got a present!

I got a gift from Jon and the boys tonight. It's my belated 'push present' I guess, bc it is meant to celebrate the addition of the boys to our lives.

Jon got me a ring that has three stones in on each side of the boys' birthstone and a middle stone that is the birthstone for the month they were conceived's really sweet.

I don't think I will be taking it off for a while. (lovelovelove)

Here is a pic at the request of my Seastar...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mashin' it!

This is the new slang at our house - like 'killin' it' - if Bon finishes his bottle in record time, he 'mashed it'...Jon came up with this - he SAID it's the hip new phrase in the boys' class...that all the babies are saying it. This made me laugh alot. I just thought it was funny, so I wanted to share. Hope you guys all have a great day tomorrow - whatever you've gotta do tomorrow - be like my kids and get out there and MASH IT!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Super Sunday, Super Baby Food

I bought the book 'Super Baby Food' by Ruth Yaron earlier this week. I have read a good bit of it and I gotta say, so far I am LOVING it.

It is full of fantastic information. It talks not only about what I expected, recipes and when to feed what foods, but also about how to freeze your homemade baby food, what foods are likely to trigger food allergies, baby-safe recipes for homemade cleaning products, and just about anything else you can imagine!

I am so motivated to make my own food - I stocked up on ice cube trays at the Dollar Tree today. I almost can't wait for this week to be over already! We are starting food-food this coming weekend. We transitioned from one meal of cereal a day to two starting today, so after a week at cereal x 2, we'll start introducing a new food every week. I am pumped!

Everyone I know who has read this book recommended it to me and they are SO right. If you know of any other baby food resource books we need, do tell!

Another shout-out today to the good people at the Walgreen's Take-Care clinic.
I never would have thought I could go to a walk-in doctor's office on a Sunday afternoon and have my stitches taken out, but that is exactly what I did - in less than one hour! Three cheers for Walgreen's. It means alot to me that I didn't have to put in an extra long day at work tomorrow after missing the morning to go to the doctor to have them removed. Now I get the evening with my kids instead of with my desk. Thank you, Walgreen's. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We had a lazy Sunday morning in bed with the boys this morning. It was the best morning! Jon can't stop talking about it and how great it was - like a gift, he says. Maybe we'll have to make bringing them in to snuggle after their Sunday morning bottles a tradition. Now THAT, my friends, made my Sunday SUPER.


Friday, February 20, 2009


Brewer's eardrum that ruptured this morning at daycare. Super-dad took him to the doctor where he got all fixed up. The doctor gave him some drops for his ear and some antibiotics. Jon stayed home with him all day and by evening he was feeling much better. He ate a whole bottle and most of his cereal at dinner. Aunt Juli and Granny did a great job helping us take care of him. I really hope he feels better soon.

The doctor said he is concerned that Brewer has had a double ear infection and a ruptured ear drum already. Two weeks from now we have a followup appointment and the doctor told us that one more ear incident earns Brew a trip to the ENT doctor. Poor little guy. Whatever we have to do to protect his hearing, we'll do.

Granny threw a fun and tasty Mardi Gras dinner at her place tonight. Thanks G! Jon and I are wishing we had some more of that yummy King's cake right now.

See y'all later on this weekend!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Thursday

An idea started by my buddy Nicole at, each Thursday we post about what we are thankful for.

1. I am thankful for my hubby. He decided we needed to have take-out tonight. He was right on the money. It was so great not to have to cook or clean.

2. I am thankful for our family. Granny is a super help with the boys. She picked them up from school and fed and bathed them tonight.

3. I am thankful for my boys' health. All of the recent milestones - smiling, cereal-eating, Bonham rolling over...they all just make my day.

4. I am thankful to still be a two-income family in today's economy. Times are scary. So far we have been very lucky.

5. I am thankful for all the people all over the world who are reading our blog. I love looking on the map and seeing the little dots from far and wide. It's so gratifying to know that people are looking us up and reading our goings-on! Leave us a comment, ask a question, let us know who you are!

It's Here!

The Jumperoo is here and all set up - I can't wait until the morning when the boys wake up to give it a spin...(ok, maybe I can wait...go ahead and sleep tight, babies!)

Also arriving with the jumperoo were a few new books for mommy - Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron, See Jane Lead by Lois Frankel, Opting Out? by Pamela Stone and Top 1oo Baby Purees by Annabel Karmel.

The two baby food books are pretty obvious as to what they are about. I can't wait to dig in and start making food for my kiddos.

'Jane' is a book of '99 ways for women to take charge at work'. I thought it looked like a good one to help me get my working girl mojo back...I love the 'Nice Girls' series that Lois Frankel wrote, so I am pretty excited about it. The subtitle on 'Opting Out' is 'why women really quit careers and head home'. Call me the cat because curiosity is killing me on this one. Of course, there are so many obvious reasons, but I am interested to see if there are items for consideration on this that I haven't thought of yet.

I went to a women's meeting in the office this morning and I met two other new moms of singletons who have been back to work just a couple of weeks longer than me. When we were comparing notes and they asked me 'boy or girl?' I said with a smile 'two boys - I had twins'. They both seemed genuinely impressed and said a bunch of reallly nice things, like 'I don't know how you do it.' I thought to myself, you just do it...and I actually felt myself smile on the outside. I've been looking for some reassurance that I'm doing the right thing for me and my boys. Maybe that was a sign?

And if mommy is smiling - so are the boys! They have had a great week at school - they are eating cereal and playing and napping all as they should. Their teachers all say what amazing babies they are! It makes me proud.

Tomorrow is Freaky Friday! I pick up and Jon drops off. Too bad I have an early meeting or I could sleep in - boo! Oh well, such is life.

We have a big weekend planned...

Tomorrow night we are going to Granny's for Mardi Gras dinner and Saturday morning is the 'Steps for Students' 5k run/walk. It's a fundraiser to support the Catholic schools in our diocese - including the school the boys go to. I think it will be alot of fun.

Take care and I will update again soon!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Super Sunday - Anticipation!

I can't review it yet, but I ordered this for the boys....

Baby not included, of course - which is cool, I've already got two....I wonder if that's the same stunt-baby from the UC ad? I really should get my kids into this line of work...

The kids love the Rainforest Activity Mat and the Rainforest Bouncer, so I thought (after seeing Tracy's kids kicking it J-roo style, "why don't WE have the jumperoo?) Amazon had a good deal on it - cheaper than both Target and BRU, so I placed my order.

Next weekend, we'll give a product review. Maybe B&B will guest-blog...LOL!

Well, let me know if you have this and if you love it! Tracy - I know your answers will be yes, and yes, based on little E's video!

Writing about Miracle day really wiped me...Mommy - OUT!

One Year with Our Little Miracles...

One year ago today, our little ones were made. I don't dwell much on how we got to the point to be able to have this blog that chronicles our lives with the twins, but its important to pause and reflect sometimes in life, so if you are interested, take a deep breath and dive in. If you are looking for Super Sunday, it will be here as soon as my oldest little miracle stops squalling!

If you want to know the story of how our kids came to be, you have to go back to the fall of 2005. Jon and I had been married for a few months (together for a few years) and we were ready to start a family. I decided that I wanted to be childless for our first anniversary, but didn't really want to put things off any longer than that, so as soon as we got to the point where we would have a June due date, we were off to the races! Somewhere in the back of my mind, I had always had a feeling that something was 'wrong' so after 6 months of really trying, using all the tricks of the trade, I went to my OB. She listened to me, and allowed me to trust my gut. She gave me a referral to a specialist, and told me I could go anytime I was ready to. I went the very next month - why waste time?

We went to the specialist and she put me through a battery of tests, a month's worth of tests, many, many tests. My tests didn't show anything that caused her any concern.

She also had Jon take a semen analysis. BAM!

Jon had great results, except for his morphology. 96% of his sperm were shaped abnormally. This was our problem!!! She fast-tracked us to IVF and gave us great chances of success. It was now August of 2006.

I remember the nurses in the office being so optimistic - telling me they were sure I would be having twins - they were sure of it! At that time, it turned out, they couldn't have been more wrong....

We had our egg retrieval in September, I was working long hours because it was my busy season at work and it was just brutal. They retrieved 9 eggs - not stellar, but not terrible either. Jon took great care of me.

The next day, I got the call - only one had fertilized. I was devastated. I clung to the hope that our little embryo would make it to the transfer on day 3 and it did.

We went to the transfer and I knew in my gut it wasn't good when they didn't show us a picture of our little embryo. The transfer was very difficult and very painful and took a long time. My hopes were very low, and of course I turned out to be right.

A few weeks later, we met with the doctor. She told us that my eggs appeared dark and compacted, not fluffy and cloud-like, as expected. She said that we owed it to ourselves to try again - given my age, it could have been a fluke - I would have to do another cycle to know for sure. So we did, and even though I had my doubts about her, we stuck with her to do it.

I had a bad feeling things would not go well the second time around. Jon was seeing a urologist for his issue and had actually been cured with hormone therapy. He was now a 'superman' according to his doctor, who advised their must be something wrong with me - he said that if Jon's problem was our only problem that we would be pregnant. This hit me really hard. There was nothing wrong with me according to our doctor. What was going on?? During this time, in October 2006, Jon had a dream that we had twins, but they were both boys. He was apologetic to me that they were not boy/girl - I laughed and told him at this point, that I would happily take two of whatever was to come around...

So, we started again and my doctor increased my meds dramatically, in the hopes of producing more eggs. We actually had one less this time. Again, only one fertilized. We went in for our transfer on the day after our niece was born. They told us the embryo was not good - only three cells and growing slowly - we transferred it anyway. We were heartbroken. We knew we would not be pregnant from this cycle. We had our blood test confirm that we were not pregnant after cycle two on Christmas Eve 2006. It was horrible.

We met with the doctor again, in early 2007. She told us that she had done all she could do. In her opinion, my eggs were not functional. She couldn't say why. She recommended that we either adopt or use an egg donor, but did tell us that we should get a second opinion if we wanted. I remember her saying that if someone told her she had stage 4 cancer, that she would get a second opinion. Having my infertility compared to a terminal disease cut me very deeply.

We did get that second opinion. Our new doctor took a fresh look at me. He made alot of changes and offered us alot of hope - we couldn't help but try again. We had a renewed sense of energy about our chances. We followed his instructions on how to prepare to cycle again to the letter...we felt a renewal about trying again. Then, just before Mother's Day, my sister told me she was expecting a child. We were happy for her, but of course, devastated for ourselves...wondering when it would ever be our turn.

We did that third cycle, our first with the new doctor in May/June of 2007 and it DID go so much better - we had 30 eggs retrieved and 12 fertilized - we couldn't believe it! We made it to a five day transfer, but again, the embryos were not good quality. The doctor wanted to transfer 3 or 4. I was terrified. I had never had more than one to transfer. We transferred two, in the end, and froze the few that remained. This cycle ended in another negative.

We met with the doctor for a follow-up. He convinced us to give it one more go before exploring our other options. We also began seeing a counselor - she was an angel - it really helped us to have someone to talk to - the treatments had really begun to strain our relationships with our family and friends who were living through our struggle.

We summoned our courage and went one more time. I took leave from work and stayed home for the entire cycle - putting all my eggs in one basket, so to speak. It was September/October 2007. We tweaked the previous protocol and got similar results to the first - except that I experienced OHSS this time. The treatments were getting increasingly hard for my body to handle. I recovered nicely though and we were hopeful - until the day before the transfer.

We got the call that the embryos were not doing well and that the doctor wanted to thaw our other embryos to give us more for the transfer. Heartbreak again. We transferred two embryos again. One from our fresh cycle and one frozen. Again, we got a negative result.

We met again with our doctor. Finally he agreed that my eggs were non-functioning. I was ready to admit this after cycle three. He wanted one more, which I totally understood. Now that this was done, he was ready to talk about other options with us. Jon and I were very clear after all we had been through on what we wanted to do next. We wanted to join the clinics donor egg program. We got a packet that day to give us more information.

We wasted no time. By Christmas we had done the appropriate counseling and we had chosen an anonymous donor from the donor pool. We liked two donors right away, so we thought on it for a while, and we both kept coming back to the one we finally settled on - she just felt like the right one - to both of us.

That Christmas was very hard. I lost a beloved pet that I had owned for 10 years, on top of all the other pain we were feeling, that loss was devastating. The hope we had for our upcoming donor cycle - cycle number 5 for us - was the only thing that got us through.

We cycled with our donor in February 2008. I had gone back to work right after the last failed cycle in October 2007 and was working out of town, so that made things really interesting.

The eggs were retrieved from our donor and fertilized on February 15th. One year ago today.

We made it to transfer five days later, though with less embryos than I expected. It made me scared and nervous. What if there was something else wrong? What if this was just like every other time? I shook it off and hired a nurse to give me my progesterone shots while I worked out of town waiting for my beta. When I finally took my beta, the results were that I was 'very pregnant'! I couldn't believe it.

We had an early scare at 5.5 weeks when I stood up one day at work and I experienced multiple gushes of blood (sorry, I don't know how to say it without being graphic).

A scan revealed that I was carrying twins and that all was well. We found out around the same time that none of the other embryos from our donor cycle made it to be frozen. That meant that this pregnancy was our one and only shot. As overwhelming as it seemed to be having twins, it was a relief to me to know that they would have one another as they grow up.

8 months, a few scares, and a hurricane later...the boys were born. Three years, almost to the day, from when we decided to start a family. Two years since Jon had that fateful dream.

They are our little slice of Heaven here on earth and everyday we thank God for them, and for our egg donor, and for all those who helped us along the way, but especially we thank God for them.

I can't imagine our lives being as full or as rich if our children were anyone other than who they are, so I know that this was the absolute right thing for our family.

Happy Miracle Day to our two little miracles. I am so proud to be your mommy. Your daddy and I are so very happy to have you in our lives.

We Heart Our Kids

There are signs all over our neighborhood that say this, of course with a drawn heart rather than the actual word, compelling people to slow down as they drive through the neighborhood. Most of the time, Jon and I joke about them, but I was thinking about them this morning as I 'slowed down' to reflect on our Valentine's Day for this entry.

Friday night, Granny and Granddad watched the boys so we could go out for the evening. We went out for sushi - just the two of us - and stopped by our fave local watering-hole for a drink with friends. It was a great night! Thanks Granny and Granddad!

On Saturday, I got up with the boys in the morning by myself because all Jon wanted for his gift was to sleep in. He's been such a trooper taking care of us all while I've been sick/injured this week. It was nice for me to get some solo time with the kids after spending so much time away from this week because I was either ill or working. I fed the boys and then we all settled in for some play-time on the floor. It was so much fun! By the time Jon got up, I had the boys down for their morning nap.

Jon went out and came home with Reese's Hearts for me (YUM) from the boys - they so know their mom, and a giftcard for a massage and hot stone mani/pedi for me from him. I gave him his card from me and his card from the boys (which almost made him cry - aww). The boys told him he was the best dad they have ever had - my kids are smart asses...

When the boys got up, we went out and about for haircuts and a walk around the mall. We came home and the boys napped again and then got up to find their Valentine's gifts from mommy and daddy - big boy dishes and (drumroll please!) CEREAL!

Bon got on a little faster than Brew, but both did GREAT! Bon ate ALL of his cereal.

Pictures of Bonham, the cereal champ!

Brewer loved his cereal, too...

Can I just tell all the people who said, 'Oh, they'll sleep longer when you give them cereal.' that you are SOOO wrong. For the first time in a VERY long time, both of my kids woke up in the middle of the night and demanded a full bottle. It's like the cereal addition made them realize how much more full they could be and now they are chasing that rice cereal (heroin) high...

After cereal and a bottle, the boys went down for the night and Jon and I enjoyed some quiet time at home before we went off to bed - all in all, it was a very nice family day.

I'll be posting again later with my Miracle Day and Super Sunday entries, but before I can do that, we have a full day to get through! Happy Belated Valentine's Day, everyone.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just Thinking...

My kids are such a blessing. I plan on sharing their story in a post on Sunday, their 'miracle day', the day they were created.

It's the story of a journey that hasn't been discussed at length yet on this blog. Some of our readers know it already. I think some of you will be surprised.

It's a journey that has made me feel like the luckiest mother in the world. While I watch my kids sleep, I'm really touched by how amazing they are and how they make every day better than the day before. Every hard thing I do in life is worth it because I do it for my children. God bless you, babies.

I'm looking forward to their four month appointment on Friday. I can't wait to get the concrete details on how much they have grown since December. I only hope they are well enough to get their shots. These day-care germs are giving us ALL a run for our money.

Sleep tight babies and get well soon!

Tou our readers - I promise we will get more interesting this weekend! Gotta go, Bonham is calling me!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my sweeties. They are four months old today!

They are thriving and we are so happy and so blessed to have them. Tonight, their Granny came to help their dad bathe them (mom can't get her finger wet) and afterwards, they laid on their mats and played happily until bottle time. I fed them before they went to bed and snuggled with them and we chatted. They were so beautiful - all fresh, clean and cuddly.

They are the best things that ever happened to Jon and I.

Sweet dreams, boys. We love you so very much.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Super Sunday, Super Stuff

"I am stuck on Band-Aids, 'cuz Band Aid sticks on me!"

Welcome to an abbreviated version of 'SSSS', as I am typing with 9 fingers...I just got back from the emergency room where I got my left index finger stitched up...what happened? Well, I like what Jon said...

"It's not the size of the knife you bring to the fight, it's the size of the fight in the bag of frozen peas."

I learned my lesson. Next time I will put the bread knife down and look for the scissors. It only cost me 3 stitches, $100 and 2 hours of my life to learn this.

That said, I'm not REALLY just plugging band-aids tonight.

I decided that tonight would be a personal thank you to the inventors of two wonderful devices - the Kiddopatumus 'SwaddleMe' and 'The Ultimate Cribsheet'

The 'SwaddleMe' is lovingly referred to around here as the baby straight-jacket. Above is a picture of my kids, feeling the SwaddleMe love. If you are a fan of swaddling, and especially if you are an MoM fan of swaddling, these things can't be beat. We probably aren't too far away from outgrowing them, but they have been a lifesaver for us in helping the boys to sleep more soundly. If your own kids are too big for these, give them as shower gifts - they are $9.99 and are available on or at Babies R Us.

The Ultimate Cribsheet (UC to those of us with 9 digits from here on out) most recently saved us today from a 2nd full-on cribsheet change in as many hours when Brewer spit up just as he was being put down for a nap. These little wonders go over your fitted sheet and have little snaps that wrap around the crib's slats. They are a sheet/cover with a waterproof bottom liner, so if your little one spits up, drools or has an accident, you can just change out the UC with the work of a few snaps instead of dismantling the entire crib. They are a little pricy - $19.99 - but totally worth having one or two on-hand to enable you to space those 'time to strip the bed' days out a little further. Available at Babies R Us.

I won't disclose the retailer who I swiped this UC picture made me laugh because putting your baby in the crib with a half-undone UC is probably the LAST thing you should do, but hopefully this was a stunt-baby or something. I looked for the caption that said "no babies were actually injured in the shooting of this photograph"...but I couldn't find it. (wink) Anyhow, I thought the picture would give you an idea of what to look for in the store. Please remember to always FULLY install your Ultimate Cribsheet.

So, what I want to know is if anyone tried the Hyland's tablets since last Sunday, and what you thought about them....comments please!

Jon is watching the Grammy's right now and saying some pretty hilarious stuff. Maybe I can get him to be the guest-blogger tomorrow and give a Grammy review while my finger heals...

Happy Sunday! Until next time...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Freaky Friday...

So, as many of you know, my hubby is most definitely NOT a morning person. Well, it just so happens that I have a 'condition' (read: personality flaw) that makes it nearly impossible for me to leave the office by 5 o'clock most days.

Because of our complimentary shortcomings, we had worked out a system whereby I get up every morning at 5 a.m. during the week to pull morning duty with the boys. I feed them, dress them, get them ready for school, etc., until 6:30. Then I take a shower and get ready for work. After that, I take the boys to school on my way to the office.

Jon picks the boys up in the afternoons and I meet him at home in time to help with the evening bottle, a little playtime and dinnertime chores. After that, Jon puts the boys in their pj's and a clean diaper and tucks them into bed. Then he goes to the kitchen and makes the bottles to go to daycare the next day.

Well, this is where it gets a little wild - are you sitting down? - we instituted what we call "Freaky Friday"! On Fridays, Jon takes the overnight and early morning drop-off shift. Then I take the evening shift so he can go to Happy Hour! Are we the most sickeningly cooperative couple you have ever seen or what?

It worked out great today, but today was Jon's 9/80 Friday. We'll see how it goes on a Friday when he has to work and he can't come home to nap! As for me, I really enjoyed the night off and picking them up was a nice change of pace.

I'm so glad we already have a system that is starting to fall into place! I know it's early days, yet, but I am feeling pretty optimistic. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my kids and I would love to be at home with my boys all of the time, I have lots of friends who do stay home with their children full-time and I have all the respect in the world for them - it is a massive responsibility to take on to be almost the sole source for your child's enrichment in the early years of their development, it is ALOT of hard work and very rewarding - for me personally, though, I do really find alot of value for myself in my career, too, and I am lucky enough to have found affordable childcare with people I trust and respect.

Because I feel secure about the people who care for my children while I am away from them, I would like to give having both a family and a career the old college try.

What surprises me is that some women I encounter seem to be openly shocked that I have gone back to work, even women who also have jobs outside of the home. It makes me wonder if my good mood about how things are going is just me being delusional. I guess maybe its because twins seem so overwhelming at first blush, I don't know...

A particular example from today finally gave me enough unsolicited opinions on the subject over the course of this week for me to have to post about it, against my better judgement. I'm not picking on this woman by any means, she was perfectly nice and I am sure she meant well, heck I may have even mistaken respectful amazement for disdainful shock but I do want to share with you all a small little taste of the kind of things I have heard at least once a day for the last couple of weeks, just so you'll have an idea of what I am talking about...In a way, I think it's the constant encounters like this that may cause moms who do choose to work outside of the home to question their decision.

There was a woman, clearly coming from some type of office job, who was picking up her child at school and she saw me loading the boys and said,

"Oh, I don't envy you!" (eyeroll - I love being me, who are you again?),

then "Oh, they're TWINS!" (ummm....Yeah?!? Actually people say this, all the time, I think the first comment had just sent me down the wrong road already and the question became annoying when it is usually somewhat amusing...),

then "and you're WORKING?" (again, yeah!?! I guess I should have said, no, I just like flushing $1700/mo down the drain so I can lay around at home by myself all day without the little ankle-biters intruding on my 'me time'...and you?)

The whole time, this woman is looking at me like I am out of my damned mind...(another eyeroll)...

I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinion, heck, I even WANT to hear what some people think when it is presented constructively, but I do wish that complete strangers would just compliment me for how cute my kids are and let me get on home to dinner and evening play-time. (grin)

Oh well, I am sure she meant well, and like I said, she seems like a nice lady - hopefully I'll run into her more and she'll get to know me better.

Thankfully, the folks at my office have been pretty supportive and kind to me about my return. They seem to be pretty excited that I am willing to give coming back full-time a try. Well, all I can say is 'week one - DONE!' It was a pretty good week, I think. We'll see how it goes from here on out - I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I can't wait to spend a weekend with my boys (who were very relaxed about me going back to work - this is a picture of them waiting to go to school on day one).

As promised (though a day late), at the top of the post are pictures of Brewer's Buddha Belly...ignore the dishevelled mommy. Below are pictures of the boys wearing some of their loot from Aunt Jenn Jenn. On the last pic, the boys made it clear that they had had enough! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Way-back When-esday...

Ok, I'll play along...Here is a picture of me and Jon hamming it up on our first married Christmas in 2005 - WOW - check out that long hair.
The other picture is one of my favorite pictures of our sweet boy, Jako when he was a kitten.
Tomorrow I'll upload the great pictures we got tonight of Brewer's Buddha Belly. (say that 3x fast!)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Boys Rule!

I found out today that the amount of boys in the kids' class at school drastically outnumber the amount of girls! Only 2 girls and all the rest are boys!

It's funny because when our niece was little, it was the other way around...My mother-in-law told me about how the only boy in that class used to insist on having his hair put up in ponytails just like the girls when the daycare workers would put up the little girls' hair....It makes me wonder what kind of tomboys these two little girls will turn out to be after spending so much time with all these little dudes.

Today was day two at work and so far, so good! It's a challenge, but I am enjoying being back. I wake the boys up and feed them and get them ready every morning and I like the quiet time I get with them before Jon gets up and I take them to school. I LOVE seeing their smiling faces when I get home in the evening.

Our nighttime routine is taking shape as well. We fed the boys together and I read 'Sweet Dreams' to them. Jon has turned the lights down low and put them in their pj's. He is swaddling them and putting them into their cribs now and I can hear him talking to them in the other room while he gets them ready for bed. He says such funny things to them and I can hear the pure joy in his voice. I know that he loves these boys with everything that's in him.

'Night-night' time is daddy's time. I love watching Jon with them. I think this is my favorite time of day.

Good night and Sweet Dreams!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Today was a good day...

Cue the classic 80s tune by Ice Cube...hehe.

I got up at 5 am this morning and spent an hour with the boys. I fed them, changed them, and we played a little while.

Then I got ready for work and Jon snapped them into their carseats for the ride to school. When I dropped them off, we ran into Aunt Juli and Rebecca who were really happy to see the boys.

Granny went by to visit them and she called to give us an update that the boys were doing great. Just what mommy needed to know!

Jon went and picked them up about 5 o'clock and we just finished bathing them and putting them down for the night around 8:45.

So, everyone survived...and I even had an ok day at work! YAY! Hopefully things will continue to go well for both me and the boys. Sorry if this posts seems so mechanical. I really am thrilled that things went so well today - just flat exhausted...oh well, we'll get back up in the morning and do it all again!

The boys got a care package from Aunt Jenn-Jenn tonight and a phone call from Aunt JJ to say that she'll be coming to spend a couple of days with the boys in March and she'll bring her twin girls (they are 12) with her!

Yay! A twin cousin get-together! I am SOOO excited. We'll post pix of the boys sportin' their care package gear later this week. We'll also post some pix that Aunt JJ sent. There is a great one of the boys with their Uncle Kevin.

We love you, Aunt Jenn Jenn and Uncle Kevin, Kendall and Kourtney.

Thanks everyone for your comments on Super Sunday! We'll keep it up - I am already planning next week's post!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday, Super Stuff.

I've been noticing now that I am out here in Blogland more that alot of people have themes for their post for certain days of the week.

Well, I was inspired by the happy resolution of Brewer's first teething fit and by Superbowl XLIII to start my own. Sundays will henceforth be the days for Super Stuff on this blog...I'll post about a great product (or two) that made my day, products I can't live without, wish I had, etc., etc. I am no Oprah, of course, but it'll kinda be my own version of "Favorite Things".

I may also use it to shamelessly plug the products of people I know personally on occasion - only if they have GREAT products of course!

So, without further ado, our first 'Super Sunday Super Stuff' product is....

Hyland's Teething Tablests.

These TOTALLY saved us last night.

My sister first recommended these to me before my kids were even born and I must say they are every bit as fantastic as she says.

Up until we finally tried the teething tablets, Brewer had cried for hours, only calming down (somewhat) during his feedings. I gave him two of these tablets and within 20 minutes he had calmed back down to his usual pleasant self and shortly thereafter he went down for the rest of the night and woke up in a great mood this morning!

Jon used a couple on him again this afternoon when he was having some obvious teething issues. I'm not knocking any other teething products or methods of soothing, but I will say these tablets work great for us when the standard teethers and cold washcloths aren't making the grade!

They are available at CVS or Walgreen's if you want to go bricks & mortar, or you can find them online at Amazon -

or on other websites like

Please let me know if you like the 'Super Sunday' concept so I'll know if I should keep it up.

On another note, the Superbowl was a great game this year. I was cheering for the Cardinals, but it was a fantastic game nonetheless.

As for the commercials, the Etrade kids were my favorite. Here's a link in case you missed it.... .

Well, I have to get going. Tomorrow is my first day back at work. I'll update tomorrow night to let everyone know how it went! Have a great night!
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