Sunday, February 22, 2009

Super Sunday, Super Baby Food

I bought the book 'Super Baby Food' by Ruth Yaron earlier this week. I have read a good bit of it and I gotta say, so far I am LOVING it.

It is full of fantastic information. It talks not only about what I expected, recipes and when to feed what foods, but also about how to freeze your homemade baby food, what foods are likely to trigger food allergies, baby-safe recipes for homemade cleaning products, and just about anything else you can imagine!

I am so motivated to make my own food - I stocked up on ice cube trays at the Dollar Tree today. I almost can't wait for this week to be over already! We are starting food-food this coming weekend. We transitioned from one meal of cereal a day to two starting today, so after a week at cereal x 2, we'll start introducing a new food every week. I am pumped!

Everyone I know who has read this book recommended it to me and they are SO right. If you know of any other baby food resource books we need, do tell!

Another shout-out today to the good people at the Walgreen's Take-Care clinic.
I never would have thought I could go to a walk-in doctor's office on a Sunday afternoon and have my stitches taken out, but that is exactly what I did - in less than one hour! Three cheers for Walgreen's. It means alot to me that I didn't have to put in an extra long day at work tomorrow after missing the morning to go to the doctor to have them removed. Now I get the evening with my kids instead of with my desk. Thank you, Walgreen's. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We had a lazy Sunday morning in bed with the boys this morning. It was the best morning! Jon can't stop talking about it and how great it was - like a gift, he says. Maybe we'll have to make bringing them in to snuggle after their Sunday morning bottles a tradition. Now THAT, my friends, made my Sunday SUPER.



MommaHolmes07 said...

I read this book and used it to make Collin's baby food and it was MUCH easier than I expected. I actually referred to more often re: recipes and how-tos. Good luck!!

Tracy said...

My cousin JUST recommended that book to me. I also use the website that mommaholmes recommended.

I started this past weekend making peas, carrots, sweet potatos and green beans. Can I just say, SO EASY!!! And SO CHEAP! I can't believe that everybody doesn't do this...

Donnie and Kristen said...

I use the website and love it. I ordered their pdf book, so cheap, I think it was $3. I'll have to check out that book too. I'm so anxious to start making baby food, I can't wait til 2 months is over!

Elizabeth said...

I'm thinking of getting into making baby food too. I love So far I think I can get away with not buying any books and just using this website esp. for first foods.

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