Monday, September 8, 2008

NST #2 Coming Soon....

Hey all! I haven't been feeling well and have had symptoms borderline (err....more precisely just across the border - but you know me, I live on the edge) to what I'm suppposed to call the doctor for according to my HHC nurse. I talked to her tonight and she wasn't thrilled we had not called the doc, but agreed to wait and see how my NST #2 goes tomorrow before she totally narcs on me. I have an OB appt on Wednesday anyway, so I'm hoping to make it that far before I land myself in the hospital.

Today I got dressed and everything and went to the dermatologist to get some help with my prego acne and prego rash. All will be ok I guess. I just have to get all the junk the doc recommended and start slathering it all over me. Blech. I miss my pre-prego skin. Hopefully it will come back.

Tomorrow, Jon gets to go to MY Eagles concert - I am so jealous. The doc said 'no way' to me going, but I know Jon's taking a friend in my place who will have a great time and he'll bring me back lots of awesome souvenirs. I hope my kids don't mind hearing about how I missed this for them for the rest of their lives, because they will...(sigh)...and thus my life of sacrifice for motherhood begins...sorry, Eagles, I know you will miss me terribly.

Now I also need to find a new promotion gift for myself, since that was it - maybe I'll just add that to my 'push' present for the boys and get one REALLY supersweet gift...

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Quick Update on all things Twink

We started home healthcare monitoring on Friday at the doctor's request. What this means is in-home NST tests administered by nurses here at the house 2x a week, plus Jon and I will be monitoring other vitals on a daily basis and calling anyone if things go out of range.

I also received betamethisone shots to help develop the boys' lungs in case they have to be delivered prior to 34 weeks. This will only happen if my pre-eclampsia gets out of control before then, so lets hope that doesn't happen.

I never imagined these would be September babies, but 34 weeks is just 3 weeks from today - September 27th. WOW. I guess Dr. Dunn was right all along. ;)

Today, Kim, Chris and Megan came over to watch the A&M game. It was a nice little distraction for me. Thanks, guys!!

I am laughing at the myth that is 'bedrest' - right now, I have either a doctor's appointment or an in-home NST test every day next week.

I just hope the contractions stay away. I have one every now and again and I had three during the NST test on Friday - the nurse seemed to think that the next step if that happens again will be that Jon and I will also be doing in-home monitoring of my contractions - Oh, well, whatever keeps the boys safe and keeps me out of the hospital.

In other news, little sister found a sweet bargain on one of my car seats at Target - $57 for one that normally goes for between $230-280...If only I could get three more at that smoking price! Thank you, SeaStar. Love you.

That's all for now!
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