Monday, September 8, 2008

NST #2 Coming Soon....

Hey all! I haven't been feeling well and have had symptoms borderline (err....more precisely just across the border - but you know me, I live on the edge) to what I'm suppposed to call the doctor for according to my HHC nurse. I talked to her tonight and she wasn't thrilled we had not called the doc, but agreed to wait and see how my NST #2 goes tomorrow before she totally narcs on me. I have an OB appt on Wednesday anyway, so I'm hoping to make it that far before I land myself in the hospital.

Today I got dressed and everything and went to the dermatologist to get some help with my prego acne and prego rash. All will be ok I guess. I just have to get all the junk the doc recommended and start slathering it all over me. Blech. I miss my pre-prego skin. Hopefully it will come back.

Tomorrow, Jon gets to go to MY Eagles concert - I am so jealous. The doc said 'no way' to me going, but I know Jon's taking a friend in my place who will have a great time and he'll bring me back lots of awesome souvenirs. I hope my kids don't mind hearing about how I missed this for them for the rest of their lives, because they will...(sigh)...and thus my life of sacrifice for motherhood begins...sorry, Eagles, I know you will miss me terribly.

Now I also need to find a new promotion gift for myself, since that was it - maybe I'll just add that to my 'push' present for the boys and get one REALLY supersweet gift...

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