Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Boys

Today is the twins' 2 month birthday! (OK, really it was December 10th, but hey, mommy's actually blogging and she's still up from their birthday, so cut her some slack!)

I can't believe I haven't blogged at all since the 25th of October, but life has been such a whirlwind of enjoying every second with them.

We spent tonight with the snow coming down outside (yes - SNOW) eating stew and relaxing in front of the fireplace, looking at the Christmas tree.

It was such a wonderful family night and so many millions of miles away from our last few Christmases, and especially last years', when we had just lost our kitty, Fazzie, and had just had our 4th IVF failure in a little over 1 year of IVF. We were so sad and lonely and we wondered if we'd ever have a Christmas like this one.

This year we are a blessed little family with the two most adorable boys anyone could ask for - here is a list of what they've been up to since I last blogged - I promise to start doing better...

Brewer -
This little one is mommy's big boy...he has gotten so heavy! I can't wait to see what he weighs when we go to the doctor on his 2 week appt, he weighed 6lb 10oz up from 6lb 7 oz at birth...I'm guessing he will be over 10lb, but less than 12lb...maybe right at 11lb.

Brewer is a quick study - at about 5.5 weeks, he manipulated mommy into pulling him out of 'crib time' early by spitting out his binky and crying everytime mommy left the room...At 7.5 weeks, he flipped over for the first time - from his belly to his back. Jon and I were so thrilled that we both saw it. It was the most fun - we were jumping up and down and so excited! He's working on going from back to belly now...

He's also all his dad - sleeping with that foot kicked out from the blanket...I've even found him a couple of times with a bare foot stuck out between the snaps of his footed pj's...he's a mess!

Brewer's personality so far has only 2 speeds - sleeping and screaming...ok, so there is a little wiggle room, but when he is awake and happy, he seems as though he could nap at any moment. The only time he seems completely wide awake is when he is very displeased with me for not showing up for bottle time 15 minutes early!

All in all, our quiet, strong boy is really coming along and getting more adorable by the day.

Bonham is a little charmer...everyone is crazy about him and raves about how good-looking he is. He is also very bright and likes to interact. While his brother seems to be desperately in need of his beauty sleep, little Bonham is awake and alert what seems like ALL of the time. He's been this way since birth. I have friends who feel really connected to Bonham v. Brewer because they have yet to spend any time with Brewer when he is awake...

Bonham started cuddling with his burp rag early on - I found this to be disgusting, so we introduced some taggies as 'lovies' and now Bonham cuddles it, and pets it and quietly chews on it when he is hungry (as opposed to his brother - the screamer!).

Bonham still makes 'kissy faces' when he is done eating, as well as doing them in his sleep, which is hilarious. He frequently coos and constantly grunts and he LOVES being talked to. He is my social baby - I guess he'll be just like his dad and his granny!

Bonham was the first of the two boys to find his thumb, though neither of them use it much...he's also started trying to help mommy hold his bottle - this excites mommy and daddy to no end, as it will relieve us of some work, though I am almost sad to see him growing up already!

He's not as stocky as his brother, but he is long - he fills out the feet of his footed pjs quite nicely while his brother doesn't get there quite yet. I am guessing he will weigh about a lb less than his brother friday, but we'll see!

Neither of the boys are smiling just yet (not for sure anyway) but they are both trying and I see lots of little 1/2 grins. I'm still waiting for 'the big one'.

The boys have really enjoyed all of the visits from mommy's family - especially their aunts who let their mommy sleep and spoil them by holding them constantly!

They also look forward to their near-daily visits from Granny! They can't wait to get these nasty shots out of the way on Friday so they can start spending time out and about with Granny!

I'll come back and update this post with some pics momentarily- oh, and watch your mailboxes - announcements will likely be mailed out this weekend (better late than never, right!? Hey, I'm a MoM - I'm BUSY!!)

As promised, here are some pix from birth to 12/11...

the boys, hanging out together....

Bonham - LOVE that sweet face...

the boys with mommy on her birthday! The best birthday ever...

Brewer - trying to flip over - he's about 5.5 weeks in this pic - one strong little boy!
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