Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy 'Birth'day!

Hello, Everyone!

Wow, it's been so long since I could check in, but these boys are keeping us sooo busy!
My birth story is pretty short and sweet. After my last 24 hour protien test came back high, my doctor called me up and said, "Let's have babies tomorrow!" She said there was really no good reason to wait any more, so we went in and had babies.

I was 35 weeks 6 days and it was Friday 10/10. We went in at 6am and they got me ready. We had to do a c section because baby A, soon to be Brewer, was breech. My back was so swollen, that the anesthesiologist could not thread the epidural so they just gave me a big shot of the anesthesia medication into my back w/o putting in the epidural. I was really scared I was going to feel something bc of this, but before I knew it, the nurse beside me assured me they were already working on getting the babies out. I felt much better once I knew things were underway and I wasn't in pain.

They were really funny in the operating room - everyone was in a great mood - talking about cars and sports - it was all very comfortable. They were so happy with Brewer when they took him out! He looked great. Jon said that when they popped Bonham's water bag it went all over everyone, especially my doctor. It was funny because I heard them ask her if she needed to stop and she was like, "No, it's in my hair, but it's not dripping into my eyes or anything, let's keep going..." SO casually - how funny.

They took Bonham out and he looked great too...Jon took a couple of quick snaps and then went with the babies to the NICU while I went to recovery. The babies only had to go to the NICU for observation because they were early. They were perfect and breathing on their own so they went to the regular nursery as soon as observation was over. Our pediatrician told us the nursery nurses were refering to them as his little rockstars. I love it! They were able to come home with us - we are so very lucky.

Anyway, we are over the moon and so glad to have Brewer and Bonham home. Here are a few pics from the kids' birthday!

Brewer Walsh
6lb 7oz

Bonham Frazier
6lb 5oz

with Mommy


A big thanks to all of our doctors and nurses who so wonderfully cared for us and our boys while in the hospital! We are so blessed to have been in your care. Thank you also to our family and friends for their visits, calls and gifts. We love you all and are eternally grateful for your support.
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