Saturday, September 6, 2008

Quick Update on all things Twink

We started home healthcare monitoring on Friday at the doctor's request. What this means is in-home NST tests administered by nurses here at the house 2x a week, plus Jon and I will be monitoring other vitals on a daily basis and calling anyone if things go out of range.

I also received betamethisone shots to help develop the boys' lungs in case they have to be delivered prior to 34 weeks. This will only happen if my pre-eclampsia gets out of control before then, so lets hope that doesn't happen.

I never imagined these would be September babies, but 34 weeks is just 3 weeks from today - September 27th. WOW. I guess Dr. Dunn was right all along. ;)

Today, Kim, Chris and Megan came over to watch the A&M game. It was a nice little distraction for me. Thanks, guys!!

I am laughing at the myth that is 'bedrest' - right now, I have either a doctor's appointment or an in-home NST test every day next week.

I just hope the contractions stay away. I have one every now and again and I had three during the NST test on Friday - the nurse seemed to think that the next step if that happens again will be that Jon and I will also be doing in-home monitoring of my contractions - Oh, well, whatever keeps the boys safe and keeps me out of the hospital.

In other news, little sister found a sweet bargain on one of my car seats at Target - $57 for one that normally goes for between $230-280...If only I could get three more at that smoking price! Thank you, SeaStar. Love you.

That's all for now!

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