Friday, February 20, 2009


Brewer's eardrum that ruptured this morning at daycare. Super-dad took him to the doctor where he got all fixed up. The doctor gave him some drops for his ear and some antibiotics. Jon stayed home with him all day and by evening he was feeling much better. He ate a whole bottle and most of his cereal at dinner. Aunt Juli and Granny did a great job helping us take care of him. I really hope he feels better soon.

The doctor said he is concerned that Brewer has had a double ear infection and a ruptured ear drum already. Two weeks from now we have a followup appointment and the doctor told us that one more ear incident earns Brew a trip to the ENT doctor. Poor little guy. Whatever we have to do to protect his hearing, we'll do.

Granny threw a fun and tasty Mardi Gras dinner at her place tonight. Thanks G! Jon and I are wishing we had some more of that yummy King's cake right now.

See y'all later on this weekend!


Tracy said...

Poor kiddo! Hope he's feeling better soon.

Lisa, make sure you check out my blog...I'm going invite-only, and if you want to continue reading I want to be sure to include you.

Sean Patrick and Emma Jane said...

Oh poor little guy:(

The Browns said...

Poor Brewer! Give him love from Aunt Stacey, Uncle Eric, and the can share some with Bon Bon too.. =)

Geohde said...

Ouchie- although once it pops the relief with the release of pressure is good.

The poor mite,



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