Sunday, February 15, 2009

Super Sunday - Anticipation!

I can't review it yet, but I ordered this for the boys....

Baby not included, of course - which is cool, I've already got two....I wonder if that's the same stunt-baby from the UC ad? I really should get my kids into this line of work...

The kids love the Rainforest Activity Mat and the Rainforest Bouncer, so I thought (after seeing Tracy's kids kicking it J-roo style, "why don't WE have the jumperoo?) Amazon had a good deal on it - cheaper than both Target and BRU, so I placed my order.

Next weekend, we'll give a product review. Maybe B&B will guest-blog...LOL!

Well, let me know if you have this and if you love it! Tracy - I know your answers will be yes, and yes, based on little E's video!

Writing about Miracle day really wiped me...Mommy - OUT!


The Browns said...

Very cute..though ya know we couldn't use one in this house..;) I'm sure the boys will love it! I wanna see video!

Elizabeth said...

I got a gently used one from someone via Craigslist. Joshua hasn't figured out how to jump in it but he loves staring at the frog, parrot and the lights.

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