Monday, April 27, 2009

Super Sunday (Moms Ed. #3) - That's the ticket...

How about this for a Mother's Day Gift - tickets to a special event! Do you like plays, sporting events, heck, even the movies?

Drop the hint for your sweetheart on an event (or series of events -- dream big) that you would like to go to...make sure he knows he'll need a sitter if it's not something you would take the kids along for.

I did this for Jon last year for Valentine's Day. I got him tickets to a concert that I knew he really wanted to go to, but the twist was that I got him FOUR tickets instead of just two - I know how social he is, so I got him extra tickets to bring along the friends of his choosing - it was a hit!

So, spill the beans, what would you guys like tickets to?

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