Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One Bonham, One Shot, One Brew...

Today was the boys' 6 month appointment.

Dr. S. was very impressed with all the things they are up to...reaching for toys and people, pushing up on their hands, laughing out loud. They are doing great. Brewer weighed 16lbs and 4oz and Bonham weighed 15lbs even. They measured 26.25 inches and 25.75 inches respectively.

Brewer was in the 30th percentile for weight,the 40th percentile for height and the 25th percentile for head circumfrence.

Bonham, my little guy, was in the 10th percentile for height and weight and the 5th percentile for head circumfrence.

When the time came for shots, Bonham went first and he didn't make a peep - I was SO proud. Brewer pitched a fit when it was his turn - he was even angry about drinking the drinkable medicine, and then when he got the shots - OH MAMA - Once he calmed down, he shreeked when I tried to put him back on the table because he was afraid I was going to hurt him again...poor little guy - we had to put his clothes back on him while I held him. I guess we know who the tough guy is now.

The nurse (who does their shots everytime) even said we should do Bon first from now on because she thinks he only cried in the past because we had done Brewer first and so Brewer was already crying so it encouraged Bonny to get upset. LOL! My two little boys could not be more different!

All in all, things were great at Dr. S.'s and he eased our minds about Brew's surgery on friday. He even said to call even if I just feel anxious about the surgery - what a doll he is! He wanted to know all the details - where, when and who was doing the surgery. He is so kind and he REALLY loves these boys. Thanks, Dr. S.!

And now, fun videos from yesterday. One shows Boo being soothed by the magic squeak ball. The other two show the boys in all their snotty glory...it's kinda gross actually, but they were so hilarious and I know that other mommies will be ableto relate. Try to look past the mucus to see how adorable the boys are, ok?

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Tracy said...

Poor little guys! I hate shots. Hope they are feeling okay over the next couple days. CUTE videos, snot and all. :)

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