Saturday, April 18, 2009

In Recovery...

Brewer is doing nicely. Here's how it went.

We got to the hospital on time and Brewer's ENT - Dr. Jones (Very caring British gentleman who is extremely good with the parents and kids alike if you need an ENT in my area) met with us, along with his nurse and anesthesiologist. Brewer charmed them all, of course, and tried to eat the anesthesiologists stethoscope! Brewer also reached out his big, slobbery hand and touched Dr. Chinh (the anesthesiologist) with it, several times, which made Jon and I laugh - that boy is NOT shy. :) They whisked him away into surgery and just about 30 minutes later, it was all over.

We met him in recovery and he came out of the anesthesia yesterday without a problem in the world - except that he was starving! He downed 3 of the hospital's bottles of pedialyte. Then he slept. Alot. At one point, all three of us fell asleep in the recovery room. Wish I had a pic of that.

When we got home, Brew drank another ANOTHER 6 ounces of pedialyte and took a LONG nap. He is doing really well, but we can tell his mouth hurts when he tries to eat solids, so we are doing bottles w/cereal in them for about 24 hours until his little tongue feels better. On the bright side, he is now able to take medicine orally and keep it down without trying to push it out.

Our doctors and nurses did an outstanding job. Thanks to them and to all the staff at Children's who took care of our Brew-bear yesterday. Also, big thanks to Granny, who kept Bonham overnight for us the night before the surgery, and to Grand-dad and his great big truck, who made sure our Bonny-love got home safely when the streets were flooded last night.

I am off now for a busy day of preparing for the Christening tomorrow - wish me luck!


The Browns said...

Glad everything went so well..can't wait to see everyone on you guys!

Tracy said...

Hope Brew feels better soon!!!

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