Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ready for our close-up...

Today the boys had their first professional pictures done. They were so great the whole time. They even got Easter pictures with a live bunny. The folks at Studio One were so great - helpful, kind, and they adored the boys...They even told us not to be surprised if we see our boys hanging on our wall soon. They are about to order new prints for their store and we gave them permission to use pictures of the boys in their advertising - that would be soo cool!

After pictures, we went out to lunch and then went home. I fed the boys while Jon went to pick up our new TV...our other one had 'had it' and I agonized over pulling the trigger on buying one for a year - well, we finally got a good enough deal on one, and I have to say...

It's WONDERFUL! I'll be watching some serious TV while I fold laundry tonight after the boys go to sleep. I've never seen such an amazing picture.

In one for the 'awesome daddy' books, when Jon went out to pick up the TV, he grabbed the boys a copy of Pinnochio for their DVD collection. He is SUCH a thoughtful dad.

All in all, it was a really fun, uneventful day. I am hoping that we'll have another similarly wonderful low-key day tomorrow.

And now, what you are really all waiting for....

I know you are all anxious to see pictures, so here are a couple of our favorites from the shoot today. I'll post more when we get the retouched copies back.


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Anderson and Jake said...

They are beautiful Lisa!

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