Sunday, March 22, 2009

Super Sunday, Super Sick...

Urgh...I won't bore you/gross you out with the details, but I am the third in the house to come down with this awful tummy bug. I think the beginning of the end was when Bon threw up ON me (read ALL OVER me) when I picked him up from day care on Friday (where he hadn't been sick all day until I showed up...) and I had to drive home covered in his puke...

Ironically, that's the last time he threw up. For me, I was darned sick a short 24 hours later.

On to this Sunday's products. I have been living on Zofran and Gatorade, and I try to talk about something every week that makes my life better, so this is what you are going to get - LOL.

If you haven't been prescribed Zofran for the nausea and vomiting associated with your tummy bugs, ask for it by name next time! Zofran and I got up-close and personal while I was pregnant and now I know the Z and I will be friends for many years to come. Bon's doctor prescribed him liquid Z when we took him in last week with this bug - Dr. S. is good people. :)

When it comes to Gatorade, well I can't say enough about it...I think you already know how great it is. It tastes way better than the Pedialyte poor Bonny had to drink.

Lastly, Johnson's Bedtime Bath...I just took a long soak in a warm bath full of it. We are about to find out if it works as good on mommies as it does on babies.

In other news, Brewer finally started flipping backward and forward today like his brother, so we now officially have two little acrobats. Bon is also a certified creeper. He is a riot. We'll have to get video of it posted here soon.

Jon's been a lifesaver, taking care of me and being a auperdad with the boys - I guess he knows how miserable he was just a few short days ago...I really appreciate it.

Granny was awesome today, too. She helped with their solids at lunchtime and made sure they had a bath this evening. Thanks Granny!

Wish me a good night's sleep, everyone!

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