Monday, March 30, 2009


awww...Bonny-love must have sensed my sad mama vibes.

He woke up crying and had leaked through his diaper, so I got him some clean jammies and fed him a bottle to help calm him down while Jon changed his bed...I'm sure it was all a show, put on entirely for my benefit - to remind me I AM important (read: still the mommy).

Way to get in some late-night snuggles to make your mommy feel better, buddy!

Mama loves you!


Nicole O'Dell said...

haha...I can totally relate! I love late night snugggles, especially if I feel that I blew it in some way rushing them off to bed or not playing on the floor, etc.

Glad it worked out.:)

Geohde said...

Oh, you turned a post about being up half the night and being tired into a loveletter for your boys. Very sweet, great perspective. I'm more the whiny type!


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