Sunday, March 29, 2009

Super Sunday, Super Frame Sale...

Thanks to the good people at Michael's for having frames 40-50% OFF this week. I bought 11 frames, including one 16x16 and one 18x20, and spent no more than $13 on any one of them...Michael's is even taking 40-50% off of the CLEARANCE prices for frames that are already marked down - an AWESOME deal.

This helped me frame all our prints from Studio One (they came in!!!) that are going in our house, as well as frame the pix we have to hand out as gifts to our god-parents for the Christening...G-parents, if you are reading this, sorry to blow the surprise.

In addition to getting all the framing done today, Jon and I spent a lazy Sunday morning hanging out in bed playing with the boys after their morning bottles. It is a tradition that we just love - especially now that the boys are really noticing each other. It was a really great time this morning.

I LOVE Sundays...

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

I got a bunch of frames from Michaels around Christmas time. I wonder when the next time they will be having a sale? I'm going to need some frames later this month and next month.

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