Sunday, May 31, 2009

Super Sunday...Super Sons!

It's been a while since I did a Super Sunday as regularly scheduled, but we are back!


I'm not plugging a product tonight...instead I am bragging, yes, straight-up bragging, about what smart, strong, lovely little boys I have.

Today was a big day for Bonham - he pulled up to a stand from crawling. He did it all by himself, several times. The first time, I was laying in bed with a sleeping Brewer as part of our usual lazy Sunday morning ritual. Bonham had gotten a little overactive so Jon put him in the play area (baby jail) on his way out to mow the I hear this crying - and crying. I realize Jon is outside, but I am hesitant to leave I block him in with pillows, praying he won't wake up while I am in attending to Bon. I walk in, thinking Bon's just needing a paci, and there he is...fingers wrapped around the plastic of the play area wall...STANDING UP! My father-in-law speculates he was crying because he didn't know how to get back down - entirely possible, I guess..

I was lucky enough to get pictures and video, which I will post later. Jon was outside, but he got treated to a repeat performance later in the day.

At breakfast, Brewer was eating for me and started paying alot of attention to Jon instead...I asked him 'Stop looking at him, please. Pay attention to me.' he bowed his back and looked behind him toward Jon, pointed his finger out and said, 'Da Da' should have seen Jon's face. No other babbling before or after, just 'Da Da'! I said 'Yes, that's your daddy!'...and he cute! Jon has 'called it' as a first word...I am tentatively tempted, but I am waiting for a repeat performance first. :) Way to go Brewer!

Fastforward to lunchtime and Brewer, our big boy, finally picked up his puffs on his own!! He's fine holding his food - his 'wagon wheels' and his bottle - but he has to have them handed to him or put into his mouth first. Not today! At lunch Jon had some puffs on the table that he was feeding B. Well, he got impatient and reached down and grabbed a handful (which for him is 3)and judiciously put them in his mouth one at a time until he had eaten them all! Again - way to go, Brew!!

After dinner, I put Bonny down to play. Just for fun, I set him down in the sitting position to see what he would do - he stayed that way!!! For a long time he sat there - I had time to snap several pix and Jon called his mom who came down to check out all the action.


Mommy is so proud of you had such a big weekend. It's so funny how different my two little guys are! Both so smart and sweet, though! Jon and I are such blessed parents.

We love you guys!

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