Monday, June 8, 2009

Big News

I am proud to announce I am going to be an aunt again in August...and then again in January! Yay for both of my sisters-in-law and my brothers. I am so happy for you guys!

On another note - I am sad. My camera is missing. The good news - I downloaded pics on May 17th, so I haven't lost my kids' entire lives...but I'm sad about the pix I have lost - Bonny's first pull-up to a stand among them. I had it last when taking the boys to visit their great-grandmother. I used it there on Saturday and haven't seen it since. It's not at her place. Jon thinks it MUST be in my car. I think it's just gone and I am BUMMED. Hope and pray that we find it...(even though I am sure God has much better things to do than to help this scatterhead find her camera)...

To bridge the gap...some mobile uploads from my sis...

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