Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What a treat!

Tonight the boys were still awake when I got home so I threw on my sweatpants and hopped in baby-jail to play.

My sweet Boo-boo came right up to me and crawled in my lap to cuddle - playing with my necklace, his head on my shoulder, arm wrapped around mine.

Bonham - standing (again, more, still...) in the corner of the baby-jail, grunting and yelling to get my attention because the world will end if you don't watch him stand every possible second. LOL.

After snuggling Boobear for a bit, I helped Bon cruise over to me to get his cuddle time. He tried to climb me..succeeding of course...roaring the entire time. This earned him a new nickname - Bonzilla!

A quick bottle and fresh diaper for each and they were both nighty-night.

Sweet dreams, boys. You made your mommy's day.

(Daddy, thanks for making dinner. You're pretty good stuff, too.)


Melissa said...

How sweet! :)

Tracy said...

Awww...that is awesome.

I can't believe your boys are standing already!

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