Friday, January 30, 2009

Thank You, Granny...

The boys and I had a big day, we went to lunch with friends and then we went by my office and Jon's office to get them introduced to our co-workers. We were out and about, just me and the boys for about 6 hours today. It was alot of fun, but it sure did wear me out.

It also left the boys a little overcooked and it was pretty tough squeezing a nap out of them this afternoon, but we managed it, with a little extra crying from them....I made dinner, but the boys insisted on being fed first, so Jon and I ate together after we fed the boys. All in all, it was a good day.

Tonight, Granny and Grand-dad came over to visit and Grand-dad went to help Jon in the garage while Granny hung out with me and the boys.

Well, I guess I didn't know how tired I was from the activities of the day, because the next thing I knew, Granny was waking me up to let me know that she was going home, that the boys had started falling asleep (we had fed them around the time she got here...), so she changed them into clean diapers and pj's and put then down for the night...all while I was dozing on the couch (OOPS!).

Thanks a million, Granny! We love you!

Tomorrow: Zoo Part II - Return of the Twins...

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