Thursday, January 29, 2009

Brewer Naps!

An official routine!! Well, we've done it every day this week, so I am going to call it a routine anyway. It's a routine for his afternoon nap. Both of my kids very rarely get fussy, but Brewer has been fussing in the afternoon regularly, so we decided to try getting a routine - guess what, it works!

Every afternoon around 3 after his afternoon bottle, Fatty McMilkMouth turns into a major cranky-pants.

Sooo, I take him in his room and put him down in his crib, give him his paci and leave the room. He kicks out the paci and continues to cry for a couple of minutes - I go back in.

I say to him, "Brewer, there is no reason to be upset. There is nothing wrong. Mommy is right here. You just need to rest. I promise you mommy will be here when you wake up." or some variation on this theme - While saying all this, I keep my voice quiet and I pet his head and rub his tummy, tuck him in with a blanket, give him his paci and Mr. Moo-Moo...his teether cow. Usually before I walk out the door his little eyes are closed and he sleeps for 2-3 hours! It totally cracks me up that this works - like he already understands every word I say when I reason with him. LOL!

At daycare, they also have afternoon naps starting between 2-3, so it looks like this could become his regular routine! YAY Brewer! What a sweet big boy!

In other news, the car did not start this morning - ugh - dead battery. Granny had to come help me get the boys to day care - Thanks Granny! Jon came home and fixed the car, which was awesome because I had a major Sam's run to make! Jon is the family hero today!

We all seem to finally be over being sick - though Jon and I still have sore throats and runny noses. The boys have finished their antibiotics - thank goodness - and seem to be doing fine!

Well, I gotta go! Time to school my other child on the fact that he should be napping.

Hopefully I'll get the zoo pix incorporated into our zoo post tonight. I know I am running behind on that!


1 comment:

Tracy said...

Way to go, Mommy! I like your approach...I may have to try that one. Mine are good at going down for a nap, but there is such PANIC when they wake up, and I don't know why...I've never given them any reason to think I wouldn't come get them out of their cribs!

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