Monday, January 26, 2009

Our Phabulous Life is 'ZOO'perb!

That's what the boys were saying on Friday when they had a PHantastic time at the zoo! It started with daddy getting an awesome parking spot...then we flew right in the doors with our members pass (membership has its privileges), not that having our little cuties with us didn't help the situation - everyone was fawning all over them as they let us pass...

Jon and I grabbed a quick snack at the Macaw Cafe when we came in and took a few quick snaps of the boys there...they were all smiles and Bonham especially hammed it up for the camera!

We took the boys to check out the monkeys and the bears yesterday and they had a great time.
While taking in the primates, we saw a mommy lemur carrying her newborn baby around, and then another mommy taking care of her little one. The bears were out and about, too, thanks to the great weather! We got some great pictures of the spectacled bears.

On the way to the gift shop, we caught the lions being lazy...

And lastly, we played a little 'snakebite' in the gift shop with one of the toy snakes...

When we got home, the boys napped for almost 3 hours! It was a GREAT day.

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